Partnering with Wayward Woman Giving Fund (WWGF) can take the form of financial support or in-kind contributions.

We warmly welcome organisations and individuals to contribute to our Giving Circle Community by providing support and services such as:

  • Event sponsorship such as venue hosting and catering / cost coverage.

  • Financial assistance to produce services, events, merchandise etc.

  • Material goods and experiences that we can offer as raffle prizes. 

  • Providing a meeting space for our volunteer and grant meetings.

  • The provision of in-kind expertise to support us with our fundraising goals.

  • Cross promotion across social media.

  • Adding a donations link for WWGF in your workplace, on your website or as part your events.

  • Inviting us to speak to your staff or customers to learn more about philanthropy.

  • Partnering with us on a joint community event or initiative.

 Benefits of becoming a Partner
  • Raising awareness about micro-philanthropy and the concept of the Giving Circle community.

  • Raising awareness about the causes that we support.

  • Supporting the non-profit sector in a tangible way. 

  • Interviews/media slots in support of our partnership.

  • Keynote speeches to your audience.

  • Content for your annual report.

  • Cross promotion across social media.

  • Events or activities tailored to suit you.

  • Tickets to our events.

  • Your logo on our website.