The Wayward Woman Giving Fund is a Vibrant Giving Circle Community

Our Purpose

  • To encourage 'Wayward Women' to become micro-philanthropists and use the power of collective giving to raise and distribute much-needed funds for non-profit Australian organisations and projects.

  • To build a strong, vibrant and collaborative giving circle community that endeavours to create significant and positive change in the world. 

  • To empower our members by giving them a choice regarding their contribution and where it should be invested. 

  •  To create an affordable membership structure that is accessible to women from all financial backgrounds. 

  • To encourage diversity and invite women from different backgrounds and with different life experiences to become members. 

  • To support community-focused organisations and projects that may not be eligible to receive funding from mainstream funding bodies. 

Our Goals

Wayward Woman Giving Fund (WWGF) raises funds that are distributed to Australian non-profit organisations and projects that have a strong focus on Community Arts and Cultural Development (CACD).

CACD involves artists working collaboratively with communities for the purpose of social change through art and culture. 

Principles that guide Community Arts and Cultural Development and the various practitioners who undertake this type of work include:

  1. The activity involves the creation of artwork by with and for the community.

  2. Development is a primary objective of the initiative.

  3. The activity is socially inclusive.

  4. The activity is community centred and collaborative.

  5. The activity involves the engagement of highly skilled arts and culture practitioners.

Learn more about CACD and CACD Principles

Our History

Melbourne-based Artiste Melynda von Wayward (The Wayward Woman) is the driving force behind the Wayward Woman Giving Fund (WWGF). 

For many years Melynda has wanted to be a philanthropist and make meaningful change in the world, so she began to investigate the idea of micro-philanthropy and discovered the concept of the ‘Giving Circle’ – an accessible way for individuals to join together by pooling smaller amounts of financial resources to fund social change and make a substantial cumulative impact in their community. 

The idea of collective giving truly excited Melynda and WWGF was officially created in 2023. 

Melynda has a Graduate Diploma in Creative Art Therapy and is passionate about the positive, and often therapeutic results, that can come from the arts and the community coming together to work on a creative project. 

Our People

Wayward Woman Giving Fund (WWGF) is a small non-profit organisation that consists of members, volunteers and partners.

  • Melynda von Wayward -              Founder / Grants Subcommittee 

  • Elizabeth Reale - Grants Subcommittee 

  • Kathryn Rae - Grants Subcommittee 

  • Marina Perkovich - Grants Subcommittee